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Colorful Flowers


Helpful Information


What is a sugar flower?

Great question! The sugar flowers that I make, depending on the type of flower, are all made out of gumpaste, wires, and floral tape to hold them together (all materials are safe and hygienic for your cake). They are crafted over many hours and then hand dusted to match the color and mood of your special day!

Why do they cost so much?

As mentioned, each individual flower is hand made, starting with it's center. Between cutting out pieces, wiring, drying, assembling, and dusting, it takes quite a bit of time. I work by the project so each will vary in price; clients are strongly encouraged to reach out sooner rather than later (especially for large projects) to get a quote. Though I am based in Portland, contact me for a project and we can figure out shipping; please note that sugar flowers are fragile and are prone to breaking during transit.

What's your design aesthetic and ethos?

I believe in the abundance principle: that there is enough for everyone and to operate from scarcity is to live in fear. Life should be lived with an abundance of love and your special occasion should reflect that!

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